Blue Guava Gelato


Backpackboyz(Blue Guava Gelato)


Poster prices are by size. There is a number after each size. If you would like to order a poster, please put the same number in the quantity box that correlates to size.
Small-1- $70 (3.5) / Medium-2- $100 (7) / Large-3- $170 (14) / XL-4- $300 (28)
White Guava Gelato tends to excite and stimulate the mind before hitting you with your typical indica effects. This hybrid is known for its one of a kind terpene profile that blends a tropical creaminess, pina colada, and vibrant notes oh hops together perfectly. White Guava is said to be an ideal strain for people who suffering from conditions such as chronic pain or inflammation, insomnia, and muscle spasms or tremors.
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